Thursday, 9 June 2011

Up the Wooden Stairs... Blanket land, as the old saying goes.

In my case, the stairs are oak and I love them.  My son, Giles, put them in for me a couple of years back.  However, painting the walls above a staircase is pretty tricky and today I thought I would give it a try...

Painting white 3

...trouble is, I'm just not tall enough (at 5 foot 3 and three-quarters) to reach up very high...

painting white 1

..and there's only so much that I can reach without falling off the ladder.

painting white 2

I did my best, but I'm too chicken to risk doing the ceiling, so I've got a guy coming round on Saturday, who's a REAL painter and decorator, to give me a quote on finishing off.

He may be able to do other bits and pieces too, so I guess I'll make a start on the en-suites in the bedrooms tomorrow...

So - starting a new pair of socks for Molly will definitely be on the agenda tonight!

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