Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Paint Covers a Multitude of Sins...

A builder friend of mine always says a coat of paint shows up all the imperfections that need filling or sanding.  I reckon that may be true, but even a really poorly-plastered wall looks better for that coat of paint...

one coat on wall to kitchen

...I rest my case.

Tomorrow it will get a second coat - the other walls have already had two coats - and then I will move in those bookcases!

Yesterday evening I finished the red and blue socks, which I like very much.  I don't know if Molly will want them (they may not even fit her now) but I reckon I could sell them on Folksy...

Patriotic socks

Patriotic socks, close

It's good to have some knitting or crochet on the go to relax me after a hard day's painting!


Elizabethd said...

Your walls are looking so much better!

Floss said...

That does look nice - I'm impressed!

GerryART said...

Your wall are lookin' goooood!
Great color choice.

Also finished a pair of sox today for hubby. Now have four pair on the needles for me.

I really, really love the color of your sox.


lily said...

You have many talents, plastering and painting walls and sock knitting all in the same week........fantastic!

lily x

Annie said...

I totally agree, a freshen up with a coat of paint is always an improvement no matter what the state of the walls underneath.
Ann x

Evelyn said...

That was some well-deserved knitting! Lovely colors on both wall and socks.