Tuesday, 15 May 2012

More Cupcakes

I made a second cupcake yesterday evening, as per the pattern...

cupcake 2 - 1
 ...but today I made another one, using a thicker DK yarn ( Kool Kotton - which has now been replaced by Cotton On) and with a circle of cardboard inserted in the base before stuffing, to help it stand up.  Just hope no-one ever throws it in the washing machine!

Cupcake with base 1

I actually don't like the thicker yarn as much as, when used in the cake case, it doesn't flare out so much when stuffed and I think the others (which do) look more like genuine cupcake cases.  So I'm off to try another, using the cardboard in the base, but also using the finer DK cotton yarn (from Planet Penny Cotton Club).


Annie said...

They are looking really yummy Penny :-)
A x

Evelyn said...

What delectable treats!

Lauri - Insensata! said...

hey there! you can try with plastic caps, like I did: http://laurasners.blogspot.com.ar/2011/07/alfileteros-reusando-tapas-plasticas.html and if you want to use'em as pincushions, they're safer!