Monday, 22 October 2012


There are a lot of liqueurs in France - just there, on the supermarket shelves and I often think they sound interesting.  But a few weeks ago Aldi had Limoncello on offer, so I bought a bottle.

bottles of limoncello
(this is not the ALDI make)

I've only just tried it, this evening, in a fit of boredom with the latest project, a fair-isle beret, that is going very slowly. ( I'm also aware that the colours I chose are just not working well).  All in all, I needed a break and suddenly thought a teeny, tiny glass of limoncello might work well.

It actually has an initial flavour of inhaling TCP fumes, swiftly followed by a sugary-sweet lemon-ness.  Do you think it would mix well with a sparkling white wine?

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quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Must have a look at the Aldi store here and see if they sell it. My friend makes a great tasting one, though for me it's very fattening. One of the pains of dieting!!! Not sure how it would go with the wine, but my friends one is great over ice cream. Take care. Liz...x