Thursday, 2 May 2013

Baby Socks

Gosh - such a long time since I posted! And now I only have my latest socks to show you...

sizes 1 and 2

I have created the pattern for these myself, although I'm not sure it's quite right yet!  I made turquoise-blue ones first (birth to 3 months size) and did the heel I normally do on my own socks.  


However, it is not necessary to have a reinforced heel on a baby's sock as it will not be rubbing on any shoes, so the next one I made I simply did moss stitch to define the heel...

Pink variegated

...and I think it works out quite well.  I've tried them both on little babies who just happened to be at the knitting groups I was attending at the time and they do seem to fit quite nicely.

The pink pair are in the 3 - 6 months size and I think you can see the size differences in the pictures.  

When I've worked out a couple more sizes I'll publish the pattern on Ravelry, but that might be a few weeks away yet. I used mini-balls of Regia which were £1.99 a 25g ball.
<b></b>My First Regia 4 Ply 25g

There was a little left over from the ball after the socks were finished but I'm not sure you could get a whole extra pair out of the remainder if you made 4 pairs from 1 100g ball.


Babajeza said...

Tiny things are always lovely. I haven't ever seen Regia Mini skeins. :-)

tales from a handmade home said...

I've never seen Regia mini skeins either, that colour blue is gorgeous and I love your dinky baby socks Penny.
Kim x

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Oh, they are so cute, love the colours. Take care. Liz...xx

Heldasland said...

Regia mini skein I have not seen this thanks , Im off to get some.Your socks are so cute.